An Innovative Solution to Your Scalp Problems! Finally!

You’ve tried everything to fix your scalp irritation and have decided to make a change. Where do you start? We may have just what you’re looking for with our DermaKB™ product lineup! DermaKB™ has developed a Scalp Detoxifier, Shampoo, and Shampoo Bar, containing the proprietary coactiv+™ technology created by Kane Biotech Inc. Coactiv+™ reduces microbial […]

Biofilms: How They Affect Your Scalp Condition and How to Get Rid of Them

You’ve tried everything to get rid of your scalp condition, including prescription topical steroids, anti-fungal ointments, anti-microbial shampoos, laser therapy, and in severe cases, surgery, but for many of you, nothing really seems to work. Did you ever wonder why? There is a good chance that biofilms could be the culprit. According to an estimate […]

Do you have a scalp condition you just can’t seem to get rid of?

Does the itchiness keep you up at night? Or the flakiness prevent you from wearing that little black dress, dark cashmere sweater, or gorgeous blue suit you bought? Have you tried every kind of medicated shampoo and detoxifier without relief? You’re not alone, and the culprit may not be what you think it is. While […]