Dermatologically Tested. Safe for Skin.

Kane Biotech Inc. has developed a detoxifier and shampoos containing our proprietary coactiv+™ technology, which may aid in reducing the presence of microbial biofilms. The ingredients in our formulas are GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe). The products contain natural ingredients such as, Colloidal oatmeal and Burdock root extract, which have soothing and anti-inflammatory effects. D-Panthenol and Allantoin are also present to help condition and soften the hair.

Recent research has indicated that the persistence of microbial biofilms may be linked with aggravating the symptoms associated with common skin conditions. The product is applied topically to the scalp.

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“Consumers can benefit by using skin care products and cosmetic products that do not contain specific ingredients that have the potential to cause irritation and negative reaction of the skin. This product meets the criteria of the Canadian Dermatology Association’s Skin Health Program.”

The Skin Health Program is a CDA initiative that is designed to help guide consumers in selecting healthy skin care products for themselves and their families. Backed by objective medical specialists, the Skin Health Program also provides expert advice for the maintenance of healthy skin, hair and nails. The program’s seal of recognition specifically identifies products that are fragrance-free or unscented, have a low potential for irritation and do not contain the most common contact allergens. Our DermaKB Scalp Detoxifier has been approved for this program.