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Approximately 80% of all chronic human bacterial infections are biofilms.1

DermaKB™ is a new line of scalp care products with our patented coactiv+™ technology, scientifically formulated to weaken and break down microbial biofilms.


What are biofilms?

Certain bacteria and fungi have the ability to produce biofilms, a sticky substance that functions as a glue-like anchor for colonizing surfaces and as a protective dome under which bacteria can rapidly multiply to become huge masses of micro-organisms. These biofilms can make bacteria up to 1,000 times more resistant to antibiotics, disinfectants, and your own immune system.

Bacteria are naturally found on skin

Bacteria and fungi are naturally found on human skin, along with carbon sources and metal ions (iron, calcium, and magnesium).

Certain bacteria attach to the scalp with a glue-like substance

Certain bacterial species, using metal ions as their ‘food source’ for stability, adhere to the surface of the scalp with a sticky, glue-like substance that also functions as a protective dome.

Bacteria multiply rapidly and become difficult to eliminate

Under this sticky, glue-like protective biofilm, multiple species of bacteria and fungi multiply rapidly to become a complex, 3-dimensional cluster that is hundreds of layers deep.

How does coactiv+™ technology work?

All DermaKB™ products use our patent coactiv+™ technology to weaken and break down the biofilm structure by using chelating compounds that tightly bind to and remove the metal ions that are critical for bacterial growth, bacterial membrane stability, and biofilm maintenance.

coactiv+™ binds to metal ions

When a DermaKB™ product is applied to the scalp, the existing metal ions (i.e. ‘food source’ for the bacteria) immediately attach to the binding agents in our coactiv+™ formula.

The biofilm structure starts to break down

By removing the metal ions from the skin, it weakens the bacterial membrane causing the layers of biofilm buildup to start breaking down.

Bacteria and fungi become susceptible to antimicrobials

Without protection from the biofilm, the bacteria and fungi become exposed for elimination by antimicrobial ingredients. Other ingredients help support the reduction of irritation.

Consumer Trial Results

82% of trial participants saw an improvement in their symptoms after trying DermaKB™ Scalp Detoxifier and Shampoo*

From November 2020 until January 2021, Kane Biotech Inc. conducted an extensive consumer trial on DermaKB™ products across North America. Over 4,500 participants who were suffering from a variety of common scalp conditions registered for the trial without any offer of compensation. Of those registered, 1,402 people submitted the follow-up questionnaire and the results were compelling!

* Of those participants who received both the DermaKB™ Detoxifier and Shampoo to be used in combination for testing and rated their symptom as either extreme or severe before the trial, an average of 82% identified an improvement in their symptom (either moderate, mild or none) after using only a 3 oz sample of both products. This is just one of the many positive results received from the trial.

“I have used other products together with no results. With the detoxifier and shampoo together I have finally noticed a difference. I was just about ready to go to a dermatologist to see if they could help. No I don’t think I need to call.”

Christa, Pennsylvania

“I had great results with the first time I tried your product. I loved that there was no scent and no burn while using it. I felt like it helped a lot. I loved applying the detoxifier with a nozzle tip. I was pleasantly surprised on how much it lathered so on the rest of the applications I didn’t use nearly half as much as I use the first time. I loved how clean my scalp felt. It had rinsed out really well. I really enjoyed that there was no scent no stinging or burning associated with this treatment.”

Melissa, Ontario

“Hello I tried your Shampoo and the bar Shampoo and chatted on the phone with two of you. I was actually wanting to get in touch with you to see if you are selling your products. I have been using a Shampoo & Conditioner and really suffering with a itchy red scalp and really losing my hair like crazy. Would never have connected that but your questionnaire asked about hair loss. The Shampoo and the bar Shampoo really helped my scalp heal. I would love to try your new product. Thank You.”

Brenda, British Columbia

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Scalp Detoxifier

Quickly penetrates through hair with the easy-to-use applicator tip* and immediately starts working on the scalp. Use daily until a noticeable improvement in symptoms, then use weekly for maintenance. We recommend using this product in combination with the DermaKB™ Biofilm Shampoo.

*Applicator tip may appear different than in picture

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Effectively and continuously cleans the scalp to help support the reduction of skin irritation and other symptoms associated with common skin conditions. We recommend using this product daily in combination with a weekly application of the DermaKB™ Biofilm Scalp Detoxifier.

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