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I have used other products together with no results. With the detoxifier and shampoo together I have finally noticed a difference. I was just about ready to go to a dermatologist to see if they could help. No I don’t think I need to call.


It cleared up my dandruff and had a pleasant smell. I prefer this product because it actually worked.


I had great results with the first time I tried your product. I loved that there was no scent and no burn while using it. I felt like it helped a lot. I loved applying the detoxifier with a nozzle tip. I was pleasantly surprised on how much it lathered so on the rest of the applications I didn’t use nearly half as much as I use the first time. I loved how clean my scalp felt. It had rinsed out really well. I really enjoyed that there was no scent no stinging or burning associated with this treatment.


I have been using a Shampoo & Conditioner and really suffering with a itchy red scalp and really losing my hair like crazy. Would never have connected that but your questionnaire asked about hair loss. The Shampoo and the bar Shampoo really helped my scalp heal.

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