Trial Results

November 2020 – January 2021

Participant Profile




Participant Recruitment Strategy

Participants were recruited through a Facebook ad campaign. To qualify, they needed to be:

  • 18+ years of age
  • Suffering from a common skin condition on their scalp
    • atopic or seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff, psoriasis, or an undiagnosed condition
  • Experiencing active symptoms on their scalp
    • itchiness, irritated or dry skin, redness, or dry flakes on their scalp
  • No compensation was offered
    • Received only a small, 3 oz bottle of product for testing purposes
  • Received a total of 1,402 valid, completed questionnaires out of 4,464 unique participants – a response rate of just over 31%
    • Of the 1,402 participants, 938 received the Shampoo/Shampoo Bar test product only, and 464 received the Detoxifier + Shampoo test products

Average of 82% of Participants Saw an Improvement in Their Symptoms Using Both Detoxifier + Shampoo

Total % of participants who rated their symptom before trial as Extreme (“5”) or Severe (“4”), and who identified an improvement in their symptom after using the products – with a rating of Moderate (“3”), Mild (“2”), or None (“1”).

Average of 33% Reduction in Severity of Symptom After Using Either the Shampoo or Detoxifier

% Difference in Severity of Symptom from Before and After Usage of Shampoo or Detoxifier

Participants identified that their score for severity of scalp symptom was reduced by 33% on average, after using only a 3oz. sample bottle of the product (either Shampoo or Detoxifier + Shampoo) over a 1-2 week trial program.

66% of Participants Preferred DermaKB Products Over Their Most Often Used Treatment

% Preference of DermaKB Products Over Most Often Used Treatment

66% of Participants who had rated their most often used treatment as either “highly satisfied” or “satisfied” before the trial, said they preferred Detoxifier and Shampoo, used either together or on their own after using only a 3oz. sample bottle of the product over a 1-2 week trial program.

Perceived Benefits to Scalp and Hair

Just under three-quarters of participants agreed (strongly agree + agree) that the DermaKB products made their scalp feel and look cleaner.

Among those who said they would use the Detoxifier and Shampoo together, 92% agreed that their scalp felt and looked cleaner.

Participants were able to see the value of using the Detoxifier and Shampoo combined for enhanced benefits.

Which product(s) would you use again?

Of those participants who tried the Shampoo and Detoxifer, 83% of said they would use the products again, either combined or individually. Of those participants who tried either the Shampoo or Shampoo Bar on their own, 75% said they would use the products again.

Product Preference vs. Leading Dandruff Shampoo

% of Participants who Preferred DermaKB Products Over The Leading Dandruff Shampoo

Of those participants stating Head & Shoulders Classic Clean Dandruff Shampoo (the top selling H&S dandruff shampoo on the market) as their most often used shampoo prior to the trial, 45% said they preferred DermaKB Shampoo and 63% said they preferred DermaKB Detoxifier and Shampoo (either combined or individually) over the Head and Shoulders product.

Consumer Testimonial

“I have used other products together with no results. With the detoxifier and shampoo together I have finally noticed a difference. I was just about ready to go to a dermatologist to see if they could help. Now I don’t think I need to call.”

— Christa, Trial Participant